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A New, Changing World

January 22, 2013

More and more teenagers are trying to act older and older. Why? That’s an easy question.
We live in a society where we are pressured to be “grown up.” All over the earth, we are told to act mature, not to mess around, and to “act your age, not your shoe size.” We as a whole are forced to act mature, and in some cases too mature, whether it is in our home life, or in our school environment.
At school we are urged by our peers to date earlier, dress older, and use not so “nice words.”
Even at home, some teens are faced with very adult like situations. Some may feel as though they have to take the place of an absent parent,or dealing with problems much worse.
If we could reverse this clock back when the children acted like children, instead of trying to grow up. If we learn to slow down and enjoy our youth, our adulthood might not feel so much like a never-ending drudgery.
Lets try not to grow up so quickly, and enjoy our short time as children and teenagers. It sure will not last long.


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  1. Cici permalink

    agreed. kinda…

  2. Lee permalink

    I agree completely.

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