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One Thousand, or Twenty Four, Gifts.

March 21, 2013

My Get Away Car
In the past few weeks, my mother has been reading a book called One Thousand Gifts.  Within the book the main character speaks about how she was dared to write one thousand gifts from God. This inspired me to do this also, although I am not finished with my list I would like to share my twenty-four new-found gifts with you.

1. All the beautiful faces in Wal-Mart.

2. The chill that ice water brings as it travels down a parched throat.

3. The way my pencil scuttles across paper, and unlocks all of words’ pure beauty while it pulls my heart out with them.

4. Music that gets stuck in your head and flows through your veins.

5. The Thud that pointe shoes make when a ballerina makes her first steps across the bare stage.

6. The feel of my bike underneath me as it coasts down a hill.

7. The way a swing makes me feel like I am flying alongside birds in a light blue sky.

8. The way my tree embraces me in its strong branches.

9. When the radio plays the perfect song on a summer afternoon.

10. The feel of white carpet under my bare feet in the morning.

11. The feel of a good book’s paper when your finger travels across its gentle words.

12. The smell of Books-A-Million: fresh books and warm coffee.

13. The last remains of snow on coarse grass, and high rooftops.

14. The tropical sound a ukulele makes when placed in the right hands.

15. The way my heart feels when I finish a great book: Happiness and Sorrow.

16. Warm socks at night.

17. Dancing to the perfect song.

18. When words flow out of me like a river.

19. The clomp horses’ hooves make when they walk across pavement.

20. When it takes two Wal-Mart employees to help one little old lady find the “wing sauce.”

21. The way the sun kisses your checks on a warm spring day.

22. When your imagination gets the best of you until reality pulls you back to the ground.

23. When your favorite singers sing through your ear buds.

24. When your feet move and you can’t make them stop.


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  1. Beautiful 24 gifts, Tess! The writing teacher in me loves your detail – and, well, just the plain writer in me loves it, too! Your life is going to be changed by this writing project – in a heart way! I’m so super proud of you!

    • Thank you. I already am seeing a change in myself, and my actions. My eyes are truly opening up to the beauty all around me. I am excited that you enjoyed it!!

  2. magnifliving permalink

    These are fantastic! I love Ann Voskamp also. You have a wonderful way with words!

  3. Sara Thomas permalink

    Way to go, Tess! This is such an inspirational piece. Love it! 🙂 I particularly adored #2 and #15.

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