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“Time To Be Me.”

April 5, 2013

I have found something out in the past couple weeks. In a world like this we change ourselves to the person people want us to be.

Take for instance some guys at my school. They laugh and joke around with all their “friends.” They joke around with the new teacher. They have the whole world laughing at their next little scheme. They think they are seated on the crystal throne, but in truth they hide who they really are sometimes. They manage to be cool, but sometimes they forget who they are until they look to their friends for approval.

Take for instance some girls at my school. They change their personality in a heartbeat in order for some random guy to fall “in love.” They leave true friends behind for someone new and popular. They lose who they are in order to be who others want them to be.

Take for instance me. For the longest of time I fought within myself. “To be or not to be,” is what I asked. Be who I am or who they want me to be? To be honest I had changed myself in order to be liked, accepted, loved. I just wanted to “fit” into this swarming crowd of smiling faces. In truth though, I had never felt so alone. I decided just a few days ago that I am going to be truly and honestly me. I’m not going to be my neighbor, my peers, or anyone except me.

I feel much better being myself. Being myself lets me know exactly who my true friends are. I also feel comfortable in my own skin.

I think this is a lesson every person should learn.

Being yourself is the best thing you could ever be.

I am so grateful I learnt this lesson so soon.


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