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April 10, 2013

Words are living creatures. They hide in the thoughts of mute men. They rest in the pastures of our mouths. Some escape through our hands onto the blank landscape of white paper.

Words are hard workers. They create nations. They lift each heavy brick onto their backs and place them in the perfect spot. The perfect words never kill or destroy. They build and build and build. They set fires down inside our souls and let us feel what we so desperately need.

Some words turn into evil creatures of pure darkness. They stalk the helpless weaklings, and destroy all that the perfect words have built. The evil words take what is rightfully ours.

When the evil words find the right mouth, they disguise themselves in the clothes of sheep. They slip the wool over our blind eyes, until millions are sent to their deaths for no reason.

Words are living creatures, but only if we let them live. May our words be hard workers in finding peace and harmony with one another.


Choose Wisely.


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