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Stare into the Face of Your Fears

May 26, 2013

peace handsSince I have last written you, I did something I never thought I would have the guts to do. I am shy; there is no denying it. I grow anxious by the thought of have to talk on the phone, talk to someone by myself, or even give a five paragraph essay in front of my class of 32 people. I don’t even like having people over because I feel kind of afraid to talk to them.

I am a girl of few spoken words.

I was getting sick of being scared, but I couldn’t just make myself be not scared. I had to some how face my fear of people. The question was how.

At my school near the beginning of Summer, the student council holds an annual talent show. This was my chance, and possibly my only chance. I tried out for the talent show after school, and the girl who was supposed to go before me was a “no-show.”  I walked into the gym and took a deep breath. A few of my friends were on student council, and my Algebra 1 teacher was the head of the student council, so truthfully it wasn’t that bad.  I danced to a song called “Hummingbird” by NeverShoutNever. I danced and I felt like I was dancing on air. When the music stopped, my heart sagged with my body being forced to stop what it so desperately loves to do. My friends smiled.  I left with a light heart and a joy like no other.

The next week the student body president announced the talent show line up over the intercom. When my name was spoken my friends and I smiled real big and joined in hugs.

Then the day of the talent show came. I wasn’t really nervous about dancing. I was nervous about introducing myself in front of the whole school. I was scared that my words would get jumbled up inside of my mouth just like they always do. When I walked up to the mike, I could hear my friends and family cheering for me. And to my disbelief, I spoke my words with a flawless tongue.

Then I danced, oh how I danced. I danced as if no one was there, and I told a story through my movements.  My fear  flew away through the gym doors.

I may not have won anything material wise, but I won the battle against my fears.

I encourage you to do the same. Face your fears, because trust me, you will feel a lot better about everything that you do.

I will always thank student council for voting me through to the battleground.



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