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The Infamous Diablo and Sadie May

May 27, 2013

Here is the story of the infamous Diablo, the demon dog :

If you have even watched the movie The Sand lot then you’ve heard about that legendary demon dog that seems to ruin everything, and scares all the neighborhood kids. Well near my neighborhood, there was once a blond Labrador retriever that was evil. It was a large dog that stood about three to four feet tall and wasn’t scared of anything. My first encounter with this dog, I was about eight years old, it got loose from its underground fencing and decided to come through our peaceful little neighborhood. My family had just adopted our little dachshund puppy and it was my turn to take her outside for her to do her “business.”  The neighbor across the street had a little yorkshire terrier and another mutt; they were barking and barking. I didn’t see the demon dog until it jumped out of the little kiddie pool in the driveway of one of my neighbor’s house. It looked at me with its mean eyes and it started walking toward me. Now my dachshund, Miley, didn’t even notice the large dog calmly coming towards us. So I picked up Miley, and tried my best not to run into the house scared out of my wits.

Finally the owner was called and told to pick up his stupid dog, so we could have some peace again.

Years went by, and we would just see the demon dog from a distance, with his little shock collar around his thick neck.  Then our little town decided to put a sidewalk for the kids to walk to and from school everyday. The downfall was that the sidewalk goes right through demon dog’s front yard.

My best friend at the time and her two little sisters would have to walk down that sidewalk in order to get home. That is how demon  dog got his official name: Diablo, Spanish for devil.

Now my friend had a lot of stories to tell about them nearly getting bitten.

But I have one story that proves that Diablo was evil.

One night my mother’s friend’s church was going door to door telling about their services and all. Well they made the mistake of going to Diablo’s door.  The first two people made it to the door safe and sound, but the last person walked up the driveway, and out of nowhere, Diablo jumped out and bit him on the rear end. The man had to go to the hospital.

More than once the police have been called to Diablo’s house.

Then one day, Diablo wasn’t there. Gone. No one really knows what happened to him. Some think he just died of old age, others think he was put down because he was disturbing the peace.



Now for every extreme there is another extreme to balance it out. The other extreme was my dog, Sadie May:

Sadie May was part of our family before I was even a thought. My mom and dad had gotten her from one of mom’s friends. Sadie’s mom was a standard dachshund that Mom’s friend had found on the side of the road, and little did she know, Sadie’s mom was pregnant.

So she had all these puppies, but no where for them to go, so she called my mom and begged her to please take one.

When my parents adopted Sadie she could fit in the palm of your hand.

But Sadie began to grow. We think that Sadie’s father was a Lab and Cocker Spaniel mix. So Sadie had the fur and height of a lab, the face of a spaniel and the length of a dachshund.

Boy, was she smart.

When my mom was pregnant, I would start to kick and Sadie May would come and lay next to my mom’s stomach, and I would calm down.

Sadie could sit, stay, lay down, roll over, and play fetch.

She was so kind and was like a mother to many animals that came our way. For instance, one time a little black kitten came to our door. The kitten needed a mom and thought that Sadie was her mother. So Sadie would play along and allow the kitten to “nurse” her.

Then other time, a baby bird had made its way into our garage and couldn’t fly yet. Sadie decided to pick it up in her mouth and try to take it out of the garage. Of course the bird didn’t think that was very cool, but it was the thought that counted.

Sadie had lived through a lot: two kids, two houses, and sixteen years of other animals coming and going.

Then one day, not one year ago, she disappeared. No where to be found.

We searched and searched and searched. Come to find out that Sadie May wasn’t just our dog, she was everyone’s dog. Our neighbors would feed her, the neighborhood behind us feed her, and a neighborhood about a fourth of a mile away had seen her there more than once.

Everyone misses her.

Sadie May was never found. We believe that in the middle of the night she crept off to the woods and passed away.

She was amazing, loving, and the smartest dog I have ever met.

Sadie May will always live in our hearts.

Sadie May, the best dog that I have ever met.

Sadie May, the best dog that I have ever met.


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