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My Shore Home

July 16, 2013

Heart of love, and sandRecently my family and I traveled to our true home, Orange Beach, Alabama, for a week out of our busy and short summer. The ocean with its beautiful salty breath and the beach with its sand that buries itself under my nails, inspires me so much in everything that I do, and my heart seems to strive in this form of environment.  Maybe I get this feeling from my mom, she is the kind of person that goes out on the beach the moment the sun starts to peek over the edges of all the condominiums that crowd this wonderful sight. She says that the ocean is where she feels closest to God and his blessings.

My dad, oh my dad, he loves Orange Beach so much, but one thing holds him back from completely letting go. When he was about twelve years old, the movie Jaws came out, and he went and watched it. He said he had nightmares for weeks after he saw that movie, so now he is afraid of sharks.

While we stayed there many exciting things happened. The first thing that my mom and I came across one morning around 5:30 am, was two “false crawls,” which means that a female sea turtle had come up to lay her eggs, but decided against it.

Then a couple of days later we come down from lunch at our condo, and see a  crowd of people. Our first thought was that someone had drowned, but we decided to see what all the commotion was about.

In truth, it was about a four-foot Blacktip shark swimming in knee-deep water. We followed it and once we lost it we turned around and saw two more.

so on the duration of our trip we saw five sharks, two dolphins, two false crawls, one smooth butterfly ray, and I happened to find a Blacktip shark’s tooth on the shore the day we left.

All of these things really inspired me. The day I got home I started researching everything from Blacktip sharks to marine biology. I might have just found a possible job field.

Pray that God sends me my path to my perfect shore.


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