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Diversity in My Path

July 29, 2013


Diversity is the word teachers cram down your throat and shove through your ears the moment you sit in the sixth grade desks. Even though I had heard this word over a million times, I never felt like I really felt true diversity in my school until I walked through the high school doors.
There are so many people, all different and unique in their own way. So many walking the halls, smiling, laughing, holding hands, hitting each other on the arm, or trying to avoid the near by teacher.
In my old school everyone seemed the same. They either fell into one of three groups: Populars, Nerds, and Rejects. (I personally fell into the Nerd category. Go figure.) So when I walked into this new school I didn’t expect everyone to be so different. They no longer fit in these three categories, and I can’t tell you how happy I am that I no longer have to look at someone and think of what category they fall into.
In high school there’re still the basic groups but with them there are the Punks, the Skaters, and nearly everything else you can think of.
And if you are reading this and thinking I’m a complete freak for loving this, you obviously haven’t read any of my other posts.
I love people and hate labels. Labels are the things that defy our happiness and what we want in life, because most people just look at the label not the person.
I don’t have this problem at high school, granted the Populars only hang out with the Populars and there are the few jerks that lurk through the halls trying to take everyone’s joy.
I’m sad to say not all find this joy in high school. Pray for them, because they are missing out on so much.


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