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Language of a Typical Everyday Human

August 18, 2013

LDS-view-LOVE-sign-language Its seems that I write quite a bit about words. I’m not sure where this fascination of the written word came from, or why I enjoy listening to people talk in Wal-mart, in the hallways at school, and on the sidelines of the soccer field. I love hearing pieces and parts of conversations, and imagining the situations. In my high school, I have been taking Spanish 1 and next semester I will be taking Spanish 2. I already find myself listening to the Spanish-speaking people everywhere I go, and I understand some of them. Now they don’t expect a redheaded girl to be able to understand their language. This seems true in many way. See, everyone has a language of their own.

In the hallways of my large high school I hear many different languages. I hear the Curse language. These kids aren’t afraid of the words they choose or who may hear them. They speak a variety of Curse languages, from the simple “D Word” to the “F-Bomb.” They show no remorse for their words either.

Then I hear the Giggle language. This language is mostly spoken my the “flirty” girls. This language is more than just words, it consists of hair flips and giggles to stupid jokes. The Giggle language is used to get the attention of the guys that give sly smiles and dubious intentions.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there is also the Nerd language. I find myself speaking this language occasionally. It usually consists of talking about the project due today, a friendly debate on The Hound of The Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (true story), or even thoughts on the meaning behind happiness.

I sometimes speak the Musical language. Most of the time the conversations have something to do with my new craze, what others have found, or the new Asking Alexandria music video. I’ve found that this language is divided a lot from the bends in music genres. I guess that comes with it.

I start to think of the less used language, Love language, and not the “lovely dovey” language that makes people like me puke a little every time they hear it. I’m talking about the friendship, and companionship. It consists of telling people that they are worth it, that they mean something. I’m aware that most of us don’t use this language on a normal basis. I for one don’t use it all the time.

God calls us to love one another and treat each other the way Jesus treated them; with love. I challenge you all, everyone that reads this, to speak with the Love language. Let’s learn to love each other with our words,alongside our actions.


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