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Pointed Toes

October 11, 2013


In life, we have passions, people and things we live for. Some passions die as we grow older; that’s part of the whole cycle of life, things are born and things die. But other dreams and loves live on for a long time.
Ballet has been my passion since I was three years old. When I was little I used to teach my little sister how to leap down the hallway and turn in our living room. I used to watch Angelina Ballerina on TV and try to mimic the dances I saw. I dreamed of dancing like the “big girls” at my studio.
Not until about a week ago did I realize that if I want to grow in my ballet shoes, I will have to work for it. I can’t just show up to dance class and expect to be in the front row of the recital. I have to press myself outside of the studio.
And this goes for every passion. May it be for writing a novel, being the best on the Academic Team, or maybe kicking a field goal. Every one has one, it just depends on how hard we work for our dream.
So today I challenge you to be the best you can be at your passion. Please work hard and never give up.


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