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Pet Peeves

October 28, 2013

I know it’s a little cliche to tell you of my problems with people, but I feel like its interesting to know what really pushes someone’s buttons. So after I make my long list, I’m asking you to write your pet peeves and let the world know you have a problem with it.

1. PDA: that’s right. Public Display of Affection. It sickens me. This lovey dovey thing is cute in the movies, no scratch that, it’s not cute in movies or in the school hallway.

2. My little OCD quirks: I know this is my fault, but it bothers me when people don’t put things back where they go or mess up the desks or their shoe strings are messed up. This is mostly my problem though. So no harm done.

3. People not being honest: I hate it when people avoid a question or ignore the situation… I mean what’s up with that?

Those are my main pet peeves. So write yours in the comments! Thanks guys.


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  1. kiwibird2 permalink

    Other pet peeves include Converse tongues being out of place and judgy people, yes? 😉

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