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Irony On Our Tongues

November 3, 2013

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed the way we talk. The majority of us, including me, say one thing, and do another. We say we love something, and treat it horribly the next.
I find this happening at school a lot. I hear of people saying they love each other, but break up the next day or I see people “claim” to be Christians one second and the next critiquing the practice of Christianity.
I have a huge problem with these things. I feel like if your going to say something, you should truly mean it, not just filling the air with carbon dioxide.
This also seems to happen when people are spoken to. My old gym teacher used to say, “You hear, but you don’t listen.”
This makes me ponder the question, why don’t we put our full effort in listening?
“Cuz, we’re bored,” we reply.
That maybe true, but it’s important to listen, otherwise we may miss something really important or meaningful.
I know this is something the lot of us need to practice: listening and speaking.
The next time your forced to listen to some lecture or one of your friends ramble on about their social life, try to listen with all your heart.
Also, when you face the question: “To speak, or not to speak,” think about the consequences of your words. Are you sending mixed messages? Are you practicing what you preach?


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