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I Should Be Reading The Hobbit

November 13, 2013

I find myself sometimes dreaming off, and writing when I’m technically not suppose to be. I did this just yesterday during my English 1 Honors class; my teacher told us to read that night’s assigned reading at the last half of class. Of course I did not read said reading assignment (I did it at home, okay, I’m not that big of a rule breaker). Anyways, I pulled out my new yellow notebook and started to fill it full of junk. So here is my little piece titled “I Should Be Reading The Hobbit” (ironic, I know):

I should be reading, but words are empty sometimes. And if words are empty when you read them, you can’t anything from them. So instead, I’ll write empty words onto an empty page, with empty spaces between blue lines traveling like a latter, and one blood stain traveling downward. This is the place where my empty words flow from my pen. Sometimes I don’t think these words are my own. Someone lives in my pen and forces the words out. So, they are not my own. No matter how many people compliment “my” writing, it is not mine to take credit for, but instead the creature in my pen.

You know, now that I think about what I wrote, I have come to the conclusion that I watch Dr. Who way to much lately.


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