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Some Things I Learnt in a Very Short Time

November 15, 2013


You get it? You know "Noble Gases"? No? Okay then.

You get it? You know “Noble Gases”? No? Okay then.

I just felt like sharing some of my wisdom, what little I actually have. So here lies my bits and pieces of broken logic along with a couple other nerdy creatures that always follow me around:

1.) You don’t have to be perfect, just your best.

2.) Having a boyfriend Freshman year is stupid. Focus on doing your work and not the opposite sex.

3.) Having a song stuck in your head during a test is sometimes a good thing.

4.)Books will probably be your best friend throughout the rest of your life: they never talk back when you yell at their sometimes stupid characters and you can take them anywhere you go.

5.) No matter how much technique you put into your dance, it will never look perfect, unless you have a passion in your eyes. (This goes for everything you do.)

6.) Dr. Who is the best show in the world, and possibly the universe.

7.) Some people just don’t get it. “Get what?” “Exactly.”

8.) Blogging is probably the most fun thing I’ve ever used my writing in.

9.) Teachers can make a writing assignment out of anything. DO NOT WATCH FINDING NEMO IN WRITING CLASS, YOU WILL END UP WRITING A PERSUASIVE PAPER OVER IT! ( Trust me, I know from experience.)

10.) Wikipedia is not a reliable source. Yahoo Answers is not a reliable source.

11.) Beta Club is a scam (at least at my school).

12.) Scene painting is wonderfully fun, and terribly messy. I had paint all over my clothes, and I just painted.

13.) Don’t let people say you’re not worth it, because you are.

14.) People are stupid when it comes to ,for lack of a better word, “disabilities” (Food allergies, epilepsy, low blood sugar, and just about everything else.) So if you have any number of these like myself, don’t let the man “getcha” down.

So this concludes the amount of wisdom that my brain is able to produce without making my mind blow, I can’t afford that at the moment. (I kind of need my mind in high school.)




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  1. You’re a Whovian too? Awesome! Are you totally psyched about the 50th Anniversary episode?

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