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Letter to John Green

November 27, 2013

Upon finishing Looking for Alaska by John Green, I can say this is the second time a book has made me want to dig a hole, climb into it, and die (The Book Thief was the first). Since John Green is now my favorite and least favorite author, I decided to write John Green a little note.

Dear John Green,

Why? I should rephrase that. How? How is it possible that one person could wreck so much havoc in someone else’s life? I understand this is a key tool in writing novels, hooking in the reader and torturing them with late night smokes and famous last words. But, I can’t say I’ve walked away from this book with just a handful of used Kleenex and swollen eyes.

Throughout reading the Before, I couldn’t help but wonder what you were trying to say within all this wildness. Then it hit me with a ton of bricks when the first page of After reached my eyes. I nearly cried during my English Honors class, and almost ended up looking like a complete jacked up mess of a hormonal girl.

In the end I realized a number of things. One: Life is full of this that we which we could of changed, but didn’t. These things will haunt us at night. All we can do is accept the fact that we messed up. Two: Having your friends’ back is important, because without these people we would be bored to death. Three: The only way of escaping the Labyrinth is through forgiveness. If we live life full of hate and grudges, we will be bitter and will suffer until the end. The only way, is to forgive the ones that have hurt you. And also to forgive yourself.

Thank you John Green. I needed that. (You’re still also my least favorite author… Sorry? Forgive me?).


A reader that understands.


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  1. If you thought this was sad, wait till you read The Fault in Our Stars.

    • I’m asking for that book for Christmas… Everyone I know that has read it said it was wonderful. What bout you, what did you think?

  2. I cannot read John Green books. I must wait until summer, when I’m done reading depressing school books.

  3. Oh, God. Looking For Alaska was good, but I actually preferred Paper Towns. But The Book Thief. I’ve read it twice and it’s just as heart-wrenching when you know what’s coming.

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