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November 30, 2013

I am lazy. I know this because, instead of getting up to get the delicious cinnamon rolls, I am laying in bed writing this post. Black Friday sucks the life out of you. Granted, it was fun being with my family and going to Lifeway, and Books- A- Million, and Kohl’s, and Belk. My feet hate me.

But as I was walking through Belk after checking out, I thought, “It’s funny that we dedicated a whole day for being grateful for what you have, and then the very next day we go and buy a lot if junk because we don’t have enough.”
Why do we do this? I seriously doubt the pilgrims did this, so we can’t blame it on them.
Anyways, I just felt like I should bring that up.
A few questions:
Did anyone else go Black Friday shopping?
Has anyone read Going Bovine by Libba Bray?

Thanks for stopping by, I am getting out of bed now. Ugh.

P.s. If anyone else likes poetry, check it out:


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  1. Everyone has lazy days. I find it kind of funny you went to book stores on Black Friday.

    • Ya, I love books stores, especially the ones with the coffee shop inside. Nothing is better than the smell of new books and warm coffee. Haha

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