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First Day of December

December 1, 2013

It’s the first day of December and Christmas has exploded. All over my house. Our house is pretty small so the Christmas junk is kind of hard to get used to. It’s almost suffocating.
Even though at first this over abundance of junk seems to grip my throat and try to strangle me, after a while we get used to each other.
Our tree, oh our tree, is standing on its last leg. This poor tree is over 14 years old, and some limbs have fallen off, some bend in odd ways, and some are just plain nonexistent. We even have magazines under the stand of this tree to keep it from leaning over. But we love this tree.
The ornaments on our elderly tree range from parrots to picture frames, cats to cows, and baby Jesus to bird houses. Our tree is nothing but unusual, and quite frankly odd. But we love this tree.
Now, the little white Christmas tree that stands in my room is fairly new.

You can tell a lot about me from my little Christmas tree. Obviously I love pink. And ballet. (None of my bands sell Christmas ornaments. Sadly.)
As I count down the days until christmas, or even just Christmas break, the Christmas “junk” will feel a little bit more at home, and I will no longer call it names. We love our Christmas.
Happy first day of December.


Sorry had to throw that one in…


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  1. *Throw. You had to throw that one in.

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