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Everything You’re Meant To Be

December 5, 2013


Shhh! Don’t tell but, I’m writing in class. No not illegally, my teacher is allowing us to have our “electronics” out for “research.”
In my Creative Writing class, our last price project of the year is what we are to accomplish by the time we turn 100.
I am going to do a lot, including and not limited to: owning a dance studio, finding the cure to food allergies, being a missionary, writing multiple novels, and becoming a back drop painter in my old age.
I’m not saying I expect to do ALL of these things, but hopefully most of them.
Upon given this assignment I started thinking about all the wonderful things I could do! And it’s amazing, the ability human beings have.
So today I pose the question to my followers, are you going to settle for second best, or all of the above?
If you would like to tell me of your dreams feel free. I’m all ears!!



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  1. RainDancer permalink

    Hmm. I would love to…
    Get written into a textbook,
    Become a high-quality artist,
    Cure asthma,
    Get the Nobel Peace Prize in science,
    Understand the weather,
    Be a good example,
    Know what people are thinking… It goes on and on. Think big, yeah? 😉

  2. The only thing I wish to accomplish is to get at least one of my stories published. (If I ever finish one.) c:

  3. I’m going to become a best-selling author… And then I’m going to own Disney.

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