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One Moment

December 10, 2013

This will only take a moment I swear. I won’t waste your precious time that is so valuable for your nine to five lives. I wish to share a poem I wrote quite a while ago, and just now re-stumbled upon. I get it if you don’t understand my bits and pieces of logic and metaphor; feel free to comment and ask.

Staring out the window of the backseat,
up at the stars as they look
down on me.
I don’t wish to blink for fear that
they may leave.
Oh, how my heart dreads the moments
the car drives under the harsh
taking my stars away from me for a brief
You see, these bright lights are more than just
they are like happiness.
Being able to disappear and reappear within
a second, because
Jubilee walks through the door,
does a fancy turn,
And walks out without saying good-bye.
Socrates asked it once,
and I shall ask it once more,
“what is happiness?”
A state of being or much greater?
Is happiness a pit-bull puppy- sweet at first as it licks your face,
and presses it’s wet nose onto your cheek, but
later has the power to
We all have a few open sores
or maybe a couple broken toes,
did happiness have a play in this?
Or was it the
Boys who throw rocks?
The same ones with golden locks
curling at their cheeks, and the
khaki church slacks, that fit just right
for a Sunday morning.
They are happiness too. They
come and
This is happiness for sure.
Someone to love and hold
and someone to fear, for
when he leaves,
He leaves behind his faithful brother:

Thank you for listening to my strangled words from months ago, I’m not even sure if they make sense to me anymore. Joys of the written word; the words never change, but you do.


Happiness is also fuzzy zebra socks.


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  1. RainDancer permalink

    You can tell good poetry by its ability to evoke emotion and convey its meaning. That did both. 🙂

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