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Poetry Time

December 14, 2013

I have a fascination with poetry, so except more of it. Sorry to all the people out there reading this thinking, “I’d rather shoot myself in the foot than read poetry.” If this is you, you should probably go to a different blog.
I will usually post poetry if I have nothing interesting to talk about.
I wrote this piece 11/26/13 in my Spanish class, where I was supposed to be working on a project, but was instead thinking about world history.

Study is For a Fool’s Work
study is for a fool’s work
Spain is here…
America is here…
Read this…
Read that…
Mein Kampf has poisoned words…
Genocide is another word for death…
Study is for a fool’s wok
Stalin’s paranoia
Churchill’s opium
FDR’s mistresses
All part of a piece of time.
Communism; everyone is the same
Fascism; violence is okay
Socialism; everyone owns everything and yet
Study is for a fool’s work.
“Study for an education”
Really to
Study for the government
In hopes of the next generation
Not repeating what was already
Done because all the opium,
Poisoned words,
Paranoia, and
Will never make you

Anyone else write poetry? I would love to read it!
Thanks a bunch.



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  1. Study is a fool’s wok?

    • Yeah, it fights given the situation I was in when I wrote it. I had no desire to do school work, especially Spanish.

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