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Writing Prompt #1

December 18, 2013

I have been in need of some interesting writing prompts and thankfully I have found an awesome blog on tumblr :   I will be using some of these writing prompts because for one, they are great, and second, I love writing prompts. Here goes nothing!

20131218-163823.jpgI am being forced into getting a tattoo today. I’m not sure if deep inside me I want to or not. Part of my being is screaming “OH HECK TO THE NO!” and the other is giggling, “I’m so EXCITED!” It doesn’t help that I sit on the fence about what to get permanently inked onto my body by a needle. Oh! I forgot about my fear of needles.

At the moment, I am sitting in the small parlor, next to a wall of tattoo designs and styles. I’m supposed to choose one of these? Tattoos usually don’t bother me, but some of these designs, well, scare me. I stare at the designs as a man inked all over strikes up a conversation, “What are you thinkin’ ’bout getting?”

“Oh, I don’t know.. I’m thinking about getting my favorite phrase : Carpe Diem. But, I don’t know.” I look at the man and see a tattooed crescent  moon on the corner of his left eye.

“That sounds cool, what does it mean?” He questions me.

“Seize the day,” I smile. It seems to fit this situation.

He returns the smile, “Where would you get it?”


“Sounds like a plan,” the man stands, grabs a piece of paper, and scribbles on it for a few seconds. He hands it to me.


I smile and take the paper. Perfect.

He takes me to the back room, and gets ready. I brace myself for the first touch of the needle.

As he goes to work making a permanent mark on my left shoulder-blade, I think.

It is amazing how some frown upon tattoos, and others smile with glee. They confuse me. I hope I will be an indifferent person for the rest of my life. Not to judge a person by what they have written on their arm. I never want someone to judge me by “Carpe Diem” written on my shoulder. For I didn’t seize the day, until I was forced to.

After a long wait in pain, I walk out of the parlor with a smile. I doubt I will ever regret the words “Carpe Diem,” they seem so pure.

Maybe from now on I will “seize the day.”



I decided to put a spin on it by making it a narrative. Keep in mind this is a quick rough draft, so not perfect. I hope you enjoyed. What tattoo would you get if you were forced? Do you have a tattoo, if so any regrets? (Feel free to pass this on! I will link the page if you do, just let me know!)


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One Comment
  1. I will never get a tattoo, because needles. But if I had to… I’d probably get the Not of This World symbol on my forearm.

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