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New Year: What I Plan Not to Do

January 2, 2014

I’m behind on the the whole New Year thing. I keep reading about the past year, and what everyone plans to do in 2014. But truthfully, I’m not feeling it. I didn’t even stay up to watch the ball drop, which I usually do.
Granted, I did write some New Year resolutions… But they are close to the ones last year.
1. Write everyday- whether it be blogging, writing in that novel, or just pieces of poetry.
2. Make friends.
3. Get closer to god.
So far I’m doing pretty good, minus the getting closer to God. I haven’t even cracked open a bible yet. I’m horrible.

But ironically enough this post is not about what I’m going to do in 2014, but rather what I’m NOT doing in 2014.
1. Procrastinating homework.
2. Having a sleepover- they never end well for some reason.
3. Reading past journals. I have too many pity parties in those things.
4. Getting the flu.
5. Going to let people judge me.
6. Stay quiet.
7. Worry about stupid things.
8. Ignore small pleasures in life.
This year I plan to be happier and make it different. Life is a party, right?
What are your plans for the New Year?



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  1. The 3rd one is going to be impossible for you. Forget about it.

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