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Pieces of My Notebook

January 4, 2014

There are two pieces of poetry that are falling out of my old notebook, and I’m pretty scared that I might loose them someday. I decided to post them so that others may enjoy them.

what happens when the tears don’t fall,
When all you need is a downpour?
All your life you wait for answers
That never come.
You wait for the words you need
To hear,
That never come.
No one knocks on your door,
Or calls your phone,
And yet you keep hoping,
That someday someone will call.
Life makes us scream in pain as its
Sharp knife hangs over our heads.
My tears have ran dry, they no longer
Even when I need the rain.
Timing is off.
It wraps it’s cold hands around
My arms and pulls me around into
Thinking everything is okay,
But it’s not!
Nothing is perfect. Everything can be improved.
Carpe Diem is said into my
Crippled ears. Carpe Diem? Seize the day?
But for what?
Can one person make a difference?
I doubt this is true.
Paper is my only friend, but
My notebook falls apart at the seams
And dies slowly in my hands.
Its lines are blue,
And its surface is cold.
Oh, I wish my words would last forever.
But I know this is impossible.
Such a sad thing truly.
But my tears don’t fall.


This is the second one, and trust me, it’s shorter.

Cold Shower
ice trickles down my spine, and
Chills me to the bone,
Its hand grabs my ribs and
Rips me apart bit by bit
My left over soul washes
Down the drain.

Now that I got that out of the way, I shall write another, less emo post.

(A photo of my notebook)


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