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Zebra Unicorns and January Show: A Word on Both

January 7, 2014

Having just finished the last show of my studio’s January Choreography Showcase, I can say I have learnt quite a bit from my months of rehearsal for three minutes on stage. We held the showcase at the local university’s playhouse.
The playhouse stage is old to say the least. On a night before we went to rehearse on stage, one of the dancers and placed her foot on the stage and made a hole. This made me a little weary, since our piece involves a lot of running and falling…
Luckily, the stage did not collapse under our many dancing feet.
As, I was waiting backstage, I analyzed some people. Trust me, I wasn’t sitting there a loner, hating the people around me. I’m not that kind of person, people just interest me.
While I was sitting in what is known as the green room, I found out who was who.
There is the homeschooled eighth grader, full of life, and is always in need of people. There’s the junior all about boys, and the sophomore about school and getting out of it. There was also the girls so bored they snapchatted everything. Everything. There was the girl that had someone come each night. And we all heard about it.There were a few girls encompassed in their own games and phones, that I couldn’t tell what they were like.
So needless to say, backstage was great, and so was on stage. We all danced our hearts out. And it paid off in the end. Dancers live for the stage. If a dancer loves it enough, they will do anything to get on that stage, that’s what we do: eat, breathe, live dance.
I also noticed that not everyone enjoys watching dance. It’s two different people that watch- family and lovers (of art.)
I learned that passion takes some guts sometimes, being able to put your heart on the stage for everyone to see is kind of scary.

Today, I finished the drawing of my pointe 1 class mascot. It is a zebra unicorn wearing a tutu and pointe shoes while eating pizza and walking the Grand Canyon. We were working at the barre one day, and some how this creature became our inspiration. It worked! We did quite a bit better. Very strange…
When I go back I will bring a copy to my dance teacher so she can hang it on her wall. She has a clarinet playing elf on her wall also… I don’t know the story behind that one.

Quick reminder:
Don’t forget to put passion into your everyday life, otherwise the your love may become the mundane.


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