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Firsts and Lasts as of Today

January 20, 2014

Reply to Samm Sanity. She presented a questions of firsts, that I couldn’t answer with just a comment. Be sure to check it out.
My iPod sings with the words of poets swimming in fame, or possibly debt. No one really knows. My floor greats me with soft carpet. Thoughts cram into my brain about life and death, and the way we breathe in between. As you know, things have been weird. Life has been calling me, telling me to live.
This brings the thought of firsts and lasts. These things tickle my mind, so I write.
First Birthday: my first birthday consisted of cake, which I would not eat without a spoon, and a present I still hold dear. My Little Bear stuffed animal, better known as “Teddy.”
First Published: I was first published in my local newspaper. It was a little column titled “Popularity?” I had taken a survey in my 7th grade class about popularity, and I receive great answers. This was probably one of my favorites.
First Pair of Converse:

20140119-182611.jpg I bought them in seventh grade, and I can still wear them!
First Recital: I was 3 years old when I first went out on the big stage. My mom was so surprised I wasn’t stage frightened.
First Bible:

First Grade: On the first day, my parents made fun of me when I hit my funny bone. They started singing the veggie tale song : “She needed first aid in the first grade.” Got to love them.
First Novel Read: The first novel I read was in 4th grade, Mrs. Brisby and the Rats of NIMH
First Celebrity Crush : Nick Jonas. I had a poster and everything.
First Time Out At Night: I was really little. I just kept looking at all the lights. I still do that today, and dream of all the places I’m going.
First “Punk” Band: Nevershoutnever was the beginning of the obsession over music.
First and Last Rap Album: Lecrae: Gravity. Don’t judge.
Last “Pop” Band: The Wanted was the bomb, until they got caught up in the money and not the music.
Last Song On My IPod : 1983 by Neon Trees.
Last Name: Doe, Jane Doe.
Last Earrings I Wore: Pearls. They are probably fake though.

Last Book I Read: The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl by Barry Lyga

Last Shirt I Wore: Skillet band shirt. ( Also my first band shirt.)

Last Summer: This was a summer of firsts, including and not limited to: English Honors work, Writing Camp, and Summer dance classes.
Last Word of This Post: Empowered.



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  1. Awesome, this was fun to read!
    I remember my first (and only) pair of Vans. They were a lot cheaper than I first thought, saved twenty dollars. c; Still working on my first band shirt…. xD

    My first celebrity crush was Johnny Depp. xD He still is one of my crushes. c;

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