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I Am Sick

January 23, 2014

I am sick. But please don’t leave! It’s not contagious or deadly. As far as I can tell.
But it hurts.
It beats at my brain causing me to lay on my rose covered comforter and stare up at the greasy spot on my white ceiling. This sickness mocks my very being, telling me I’m worthless, and I’ll never amount to anything.
The digital clock silently ticks away, counting the seconds I stay in bed. No matter how hard I hit my pillow against my head, I can’t make it stop!
My only remedy is Just One Yesterday by Fall Out Boy and Tonight by Seether.
It doesn’t help though.
I have half a mind to think it makes it worse.
My words aren’t making sense anymore but what can I do?!
I swear I might be certifiable, but please don’t let the doctor in!
This sickness hinders my characters from having a plot or a world to live in. It captures my words in bear traps, causing their lives to slip away.
Writer’s Block kills innocent ideas.
Please support the writers, such as I, that suffer from this sickness.
If you have a cure, please send it my way.



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  1. katebortell permalink

    You should be sick more often. This is a great piece of writing.

  2. You aren’t sick! You’re formulating more creativity even as you lament your supposed lack here… This is an example of a beautifully written piece. You, Tess, are talented. I always enjoy reading your pieces.

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