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Dreams are Sweaters

March 8, 2014

Sorry for my lack of posting on here. I’ve been very busy ( or lazy).

To make up for my “business” I will share with you the extended metaphor I wrote for my Honors English class.

Hope you enjoy…

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Dreams are soft sweaters,

Knit together between nimble fingers in thought of the future,

And remembrance of the past.
Placed in wrapping paper covered boxes;

A silky ribbon like a freshly bloomed red rose,

Tied neatly on top.


Dreams are sweet sweaters.

Wrapping their cotton arms around our frozen figures, and

Keep us warm in

Late November.

When the world’s icy fingers trace our spines,

Cover the goose bumps, and bring comfort.


Dreams are wool sweaters

Drenched in sweat and blood,

For some fight and struggle to hold on to life.

To live through the bloody high school scene.


Dreams are ages old sweaters

Locked in trunks, and boxes,

Hidden in closets, and basements.

Musty air like your grandmother’s wooden jewelry boxes,

Flies straight through your nostrils.


Dreams are unraveling sweaters.

The tattered yarn drapes over your hands,

Like a gruesome murder scene.

Knot in your stomach, as you force yourself to look away,

For you wish it had stayed,      just,        a,       moment,




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  1. I like it! Dreams as sweaters. I’ve never thought about it that way before.

  2. Thanks a bunch, I was hoping someone else would understand it…. all my friends gave me weird looks when I tried to explain it. lol

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