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A Letter to a Friend

March 22, 2014

A couple nights ago, I was lying in bed thinking about this blog. I’m sad to say, but it was turned into a rant blog.

I am so sorry.

To try and counteract this horrible disease taking over my blog, I am going to post “Thank You” letters, or letters of encouragement to people, places, and things I feel that need to hear what all good they have done:



Dear Friend,

You are intelligent. Far more intelligent than I, in the area of math and science, or that of the galaxies. Your speeches over the science of the stars, fathom me, for they are beyond my grasp. I may not be able to tell you the difference between an asteroid and a comet, but I can tell you this.

Your smile is like a beam of light, making it easy to speak to you(even a blind man could see this). Underneath all that flesh and bone is a heart as big as Texas. You care about other people, this is one of the most admirable traits that many people lack. Do not change this fact. 

The deep seeded hatred you hold for poetry makes my job of sisterly torture easy. And I simply cannot understand your love of musical machines in the back ground of your favorite songs. But this doesn’t make a difference.

Brother, you are not just a digit to the masses. Your friends love you so much, we would run to the edge of the world and back just because you needed us to. Please, do not forget all that you mean to us.

We pray for you, I know this much too. One day you will see the truth behind this world, I can promise this one fact.

On your journey to find yourself, and your place in this world, do not forget all that you mean to us.  We love you.


A Concerned Sister

Isaiah 40:31
“but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”


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  1. RainDancer permalink

    Yes. Definitely.

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