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Thank You Letter

March 29, 2014

Dear God,
You don’t get all the credit you deserve. You are the reason I write; not for fame or the beauty of a published book. I write for you and to try and share your glory. You are the one who gave me this wonderful gift.
I focus on my needs too much. I am aware of this. I haven’t put you first in a long time. I worry about simple things and they bottle up inside until one mento drops into the two litter in my soul. You are always there when it erupts and I cry out “Why?”
You always answer.
“I love you.” You whisper.
And my scars start to heal.
You give me this peace that I do not deserve, you lay me in green pastures where Satan cannot reach me. I am forever grateful.
I wish to do your will, to live for you. With out you what is there to live for? What line lies between right and wrong? You are the one who made me and saved me so many times before.
Without you I am a caged bird, locked up in my own vices. But you hold the key, and you set me free. The air glistens in morning dew and the sun greets my wings with kisses; the sky is blue and carries me over the high mountains in my way. I cannot express how this love feels! It beats in my heart and brings tears to my eyes. I never want to leave your embrace. Your heart is so big and your hands so gentle. You deserve so much love!
Thank you for making my life worth living. Help me to spread your green pastures out to the ones stuck in caverns. I love you, but you already know this.
You are NOT dead, and never will be.
Your daughter.
Psalm 107:13-14
“Then they cried to The Lord in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He brought them out of darkness and the deepest gloom and broke away their chains.”


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  1. katebortell permalink

    Beautiful! Spiritual! Completely filled with love!

    Im touched by this.

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