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Down the Rabbit Hole Once More

April 6, 2014

I sit on the front
Steps of the cathedral
Scratching ink into the margins
Of yellowed pages tied together by free will.

The ghosts of yesterday linger still.

A gentle whisper comes my way,
Up I look unto the busy street, and
What do I see?
Why, a velveteen rabbit bouncing
Away from me.
Gather my things in a hurry,
Hold them close to my chest,
Try not to get my dress dirty,
Run until I can run no more.
Oh! Where did he go?
… Down the rabbit hole…
I leap in and fall free…

When the ground reaches my feet, I don’t see the rabbit
But instead a man dressed in a velvet vest and Sunday slacks.
He gives the school girls a kiss as they giggle
And blush to the shade of the sky.
He tips his hat as he dances around the fountains,
Singing tunes of better days.
He tiptoes around, just to catch a
Glimpse of the rest of the world.
His feathery hair flys all around,
and carries in the wind.

Purple Lilies smile and call his name,
“Velveteen, oh Velveteen!”
They ask him to sit and
Tell a tale of the world

He speaks of paved roads,
Tall buildings made of stone.
The government workers and
The sad people shuffling down the concrete.
He says the world is a scary place:
The animals are tamed and
Live inside brick houses, and
Are tied to ropes the people drag them on.
The flowers live without speech, and
Grow in man made gardens.
The people speak in fragments and
Stare at their machines in the palm of their hands.

He stares at his feet,
All the energy has left his jumpy body,
“They live so wrong…
Our home is the best,
Where imagination is roams freely.”

(Clearly I have been listening to the Almost Alice soundtrack way too much.)


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