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May 5, 2014

Hey readers! *crickets chirping*
… Well, um, I know you all probably are wondering if I had fallen off the face of the Earth… Or maybe not…
But nonetheless I have returned from the dark pit otherwise known as Dance Recital!
(It was a very dark time.)
I’m sorry I haven’t posted in what seems like a lifetime, it’s been hard for me also.
I’ve had a lack of writing and reading in my life the past two to three weeks mainly because
a.) I was busy with my plot to take over the tri-state area.
b.) I was being lazy, wanting merely to watch Netflix and eat second dinners.
c.) I have nothing to write about.
So, in a nutshell, my life has been pretty boring the past weeks.

I hope to write a real blog post tomorrow since I am mostly free…

( This is unrelated, but my friend sent this to me, and it deserves to be recognized. )


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  1. “I was busy with my plot to take over the tri-state area.”

    Are you, by any chance, Professor Doofenshmirts? (that’s my best attempt at spelling the name)

  2. That shirt. xD Love it. My best friend just refers to me as a “ghostie” when he talks about how pale I am. Your friend is pretty cool. ^.~

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