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The Grammar Police

May 21, 2014

OMG Becky look at her butt. I need to start thinking in quotations, Taylor thought as see started humming the strange rap song stuck in her head. She silently corrected her grammar: “OMG, Becky look at her butt.”
Being a grammar police was not an easy job, Taylor has to deal with incompetent dimwits with poor grammar everyday.
“I believe I may just take off work today,” Taylor thought still humming “Baby Got Back.” (Which is grammatically incorrect.)
Upon finishing her alphabet soup, she called in sick.
She had a day of perfect grammar all to herself and her lovable dog, Napoleon. Taylor lay down on her couch to watch the morning news. She switched on the TV, and to her amazement, the news reporter had a repulsive amount of incorrect grammar flowing from her mouth. It was vile. Taylor grunted in disgust, and turned off the TV.
After reading a magazine full of inappropriate use of commas, and watching her dog sing “Baby Got Back,” Taylor resolved to taking a nap to get away from all the dimwits with poor grammar.
Without Taylor saving the continent from their misuse of commas, and “there, they’re, and their,” the world started to fall apart. Wars were being called out and jobs being flushed down the toilet. Before Taylor woke up to save the earth, it exploded.
The End.
Moral of story: the world would explode without grammar police.

Have a nice day!!
(This is part of the belated blog party taking place at: The Little Engine That Couldn’t . Check it out!)
P.s. This was meant to be terrible.


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  1. xD Ah, this brought a good laugh to myself. I feel the world will end when people message me with the wrong “there” or use “are” instead of “our.”

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