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Poetry Challenge

June 24, 2014

By Langston Hughes
Love is a wild wonder
And stars that sing,
Rocks that burst asunder
And mountains that take wing.

John Henry with his hammer
Makes a little spark.
That little spark is love
Dying in the dark.

This lovely week, I am helping at my local Writing Camp. I know what you’re thinking: “writing camp sounds lame!” WRONG!
You are dead wrong.
I actually attended last year, it was awesome. I met two authors, Skyped with another, and had an awesome time writing with people that also love to write.
It was like a pep group for writers, how rad is that?
(So rad is the correct response.)
This year I’m actually teaching a little lesson on Free Verse Poetry with the older kids. I have to be honest I’m kind of nervous, and kind of excited also.
My plan is to explain free verse and the beauty of it, then read them a few poems. At the end I’m going to give them a list of words that I want them to find a connection to and write a poem using as many as they can.
Here are the words:

I am going to challenge you to the same quest.
I dare you to write a poem with these words.
If you do I will link to you in this post.

Have fun writing!



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  1. This sounds great to me. I can’t wait! Ps- I love your blurb about what writing camp is. You’re exactly right. It IS a pep group! (And really- who couldn’t use a little more pep and encouragement is their lives?)

  2. this is a great technique. thank you for posting it on your blog.

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