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The Truth About Food Allergies

July 11, 2014


The inner writer in me wants to sugar coat, and perfect these thoughts so that they sound beautiful and wonderful, and all nice and cookie cutter sweet. I want to wrap them up into a nice little bow, with perfect grammar, and perfect sentence structure. My hands want to write something as sweet as candy, and try to ignore my original quest. I’m not the only person in the world with food allergies. Food allergies are serious, and are not to be sugar coated. Not everything in life should taste like candy. If you want my honest, down to earth feelings, then please read on.

One: When I say “severe” food allergy, people just don’t get it. They think for some reason I can still be around peanuts, and that I will be okay as long as I don’t eat it. WRONG. Severe doesn’t cut it. I have to use ugly adjectives like deathly or fatal in order to get their attention.

Two: People look at me like I have three heads and I’m breathing fire when I tell them that they can’t have “that” around me. “Im not trying to inconvenience you, but is that peanut butter laced chocolate bar going to kill you if you don’t eat it? Because it could kill me if you do.” I don’t live to make others miserable, but whats better: Your friend living or that chocolate bar? For some, that chocolate bar is more important than another life.

Three: Wal-Mart doesn’t understand either. Wal-Mart places the nut-free soy butter right next to the peanut butter. You know how insane that is? Or the fact that they have an open container of mixed nuts in the produce section? I nearly hold my breath every time I see that stupid box. It’s not okay; they should at least put a lid on it.

Four: Sometimes the students are better than the teachers. I can’t tell you how many times my friends in school would tell their parents not to pack peanut butter, because they can’t sit with me at lunch. I’ve had friends agree to sit with me in the I.S.S. room at school during lunch before. My friends jump over the moon for my safety, but yet I’ve had grown adults not able to comprehend the seriousness. Why is it that a 1st grader understands and a teacher with a college degree doesn’t? Explain that.

Five: The school system is only caring about law suits and not my safety. They can’t give me a nut free environment in my own class. How come an entire airline can be nut-free, but four classrooms can’t? Why can’t I learn with safety and peace of mind? I thought I was supposed to feel safe at school. I refuse to sit in class worried that my teacher had something with peanut butter or nuts in it. Want to talk about mental anguish? Lay a loaded gun on a teacher’s desk with a room full of kids. It’s the same as having a jar of peanut butter with an allergic kid in the room.

Six: I hate standing out. I hate being the only kid not eating donuts in a classroom party. I hate having people look at me with that apologetic smile, and that stupid look in their eyes. That hurts probably most. Having people look at me like im some kind of sick puppy dog. I’ll make it, I promise, just please stop talking about it. I don’t want you asking me why I’m not “eating my weight and having fun” a million times. I don’t want that mother apologizing every three seconds. I hate having those eyes on me.

When it comes down to the wire, I just want two things: Safety and Understanding. And apparently no one in this world can give me both of those.


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  1. RainDancer permalink

    The best way for people to start to understand is for them to read things like this. Nice job- this clearly shows how people with allergies have to live.

  2. Nostrikethat permalink

    I like the way you write, your personality really comes across. You might want to start experimenting with different formatting options like headers, bold font, and so on. Good presentation of writing is like good presentation of food at a fancy restaurant– it makes the experience that much better!

    Great post!

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