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First Concert Glory

September 27, 2014

A couple days ago, I experienced something everyone should for the very first time. A concert. Specifically a Neon Trees concert. I got in free because of a lovely girl on the newspaper staff that gave me two tickets for no reason. It was a great surprise!
So my father and I went, for “bonding” and I must say, I LOVE CONCERTS! The way the beat fills your chest and it runs through your blood vessels. The lyrics surrounding you as your voice becomes one with a crowd and the band. Singing and dancing along with your favorite artists never felt so good until you do it in person. It fills all the empty holes for an hour.
We sat just feet away from Neon Trees ( and I had the option of standing on the floor but my father said he was too old.)
The best part was probably when Tyler Glenn crowd surfed or when they played “Everybody Talks.”
I enjoyed it to no extent.

I bought an awesome shirt also:

What was your first concert experience like? Good, bad, ugly?
Tell me how it was!



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  1. That sounds like so much fun! I have never heard of this band though, but it sounds like it must be good?
    That shirt is just so friggin’ cool. I’d be the ignorant girl that wears it just because it looks cool, whether or not I know it’s a band. xD
    I actually haven’t been to a concert yet. I remember one of BOTDF’s tours listed my state, but I cannot drive, nor can I afford to go anyway. So I guess it was for the best… maybe.
    Good to hear you both had fun. :3 I don’t think my dad would ever go to hear any of my bands. I think my poor dad would shit bricks if he heard any of my music. xD

  2. I have tagged you for the Band Tag. Feel free to do it or not. c;

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