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Sunshine Award

October 27, 2014

Sorry for this being so late, ugh. Before I start I’d like to thank Samm Sanity for nominating me for this. I appreciate it.

So here I go. I’m guessing most of you know the rules already, but if not. You are supposed to answer questions, then nominate ten other people, and give them a set of questions.

1.) A free day to do whatever. Are you sleeping in or terrorizing the poor unsuspecting humans of the outside world?

Sleeping in. The sunlight burns!!!

2. Favorite song/artist to dance to alone?

Hmm. This is a hard one. For when I’m dancing ballet, I go for “Deathbeds” by Bring Me The Horizon, but for more upbeat dancing I go for 3OH!3. They always make me smile.

3. What one thing makes your day a little bit better?

Hearing a good song on the radio before I go to school. It sets the mood for the whole day.

4. What animal would you want to be for a day and why?

I would like to be a falcon, they have no limits.
5. Favorite movie?

Oh, man. I’d have to say probably Pretty in Pink. I can quote the whole entire movie. I love Molly Ringwald also.

6. If you were a doll/figurine, what sort of doll/figurine would you be?

I would probably be Barbie’s sister Skeeter because she’s more realistic. Plus I know no other brand of doll.

7. What person would you love to meet? Living or dead. Real or fictional. No boundaries here!

I wouldn’t mind meeting a number of people. But I would love to meet the guys from Pierce the Veil. I bet they are super cool in person.

8. You’re famous. Why? What are you famous for?

Hopefully for a book I published. If not that probably YouTube, I do enough stupid stuff in order to be YouTube famous.

9. You have one wish. Make it a good one.

I wish to have unlimited wishes.

10. Favorite book/story?

My favorite book is  “Every You, Every Me” by David Levithan. It is a perfect book. (I wouldn’t mind meeting him either).

So, I’m going to nominate who so ever wants to do this. You all make me smile.

1.) If you only had one day to live, how would you spend it?

2.) Favorite Halloween costume?

3.) Favorite winter activity?

4.) If you had to be someone other than yourself, who would you want to trade places with?

5.) the story of your life is going to be a movie, who plays you?

6.) Who are/ were you at school dances? The go-getter or the wall flower?

7.) Least favorite color?

8.) First book you read?

9.) Flying pigs or pigs with gills?

10.) how do you kill time?

You all are welcome to answer some of these questions in the comment if you’d like to.


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  1. Unlimited wishes – very smart! c;

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