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Late Day Walk on Disobedient Land

December 7, 2014

paper words

fall like ashes into the ocean

as the waves punch the helpless sand

dragging it out to sea.

the salt water covers my bare feet and

attempts to over throw my free spirit.

my heart is weak though, and follows with

the gentle harsh breeze throwing tossing my

fire hair all around.

I barely ever wear it down,

but today I have.

birds of the sea yell at me, warning

me of something,  the sword hanging above my


the dome-shaped sky has turned against me the sea.  its gray barriers shock the water

sending bright lights over the beach.

God has removed his hand from the

disobedient ocean.

it pulls me from off my feet and

whips my body with its worn hands.

sand paper hands.

is this the end?

dragged off by… such false beauty.

grasp for air

over and over

only feel water

entering my veins

becoming my being

entering from wince I


my paper words

my whole soul

falling like ashes into the ocean.


my body awakes on a distant shore.

your hand pulled me out

from within the storm that I live in.

I dance on sugar sand,

where the waves kiss the shoreline,

and tickle my feet.

and you dance

and I sing for you.

for you saved me from my


dedicated to my first true love, and the hero of my story,  my God. Thank you.


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