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The World From His Eyes

He looks down on us all

And thinks to Himself,

“They are all so beautiful to Me,

But why don’t they see what has been given to


They bound each other in heavy chains

And stole each other’s rights.

They greet each other with

A hateful hand


Heartless loaded guns.

Why would they throw

Everything that was given to them


If they truly loved each other

Their world would





Our skin would no longer label us,

Nor the clothes we wear,

Nor what language we speak.

Our words would smell of a sweet

Perfume on a lover’s wrist,

Or the smell of the fresh salty water

That would no longer



Our languages would not

Seem foreign to our ears,

For we wouldn’t

Judge others

For what they say.

Collective laughter would

Fill the streets

And our bitter ears,

To create such beautiful


Our love would taste like

Ambrosia and nectar,

Purely magical on our tongues.

As it would fill every inch of our


And make our hearts skip a beat.

Our Diversity is a gift and not a


Our Diversity was meant to

Comfort us,

Just as melting ice cream

Comforts a throat on a

Blistering hot summer afternoon, or

As a soft sweater warms

A chilled body on a

Day that holds sugar swept streets and

Crystals hanging from

Ice filled gutters.

Diversity makes us all a little different

But in the end we are all the


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