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A Wonderful Question

Hold my hand

as we walk

through the

middle of the


“Can we dance in

the pouring


you ask me

with a smile.

“As long as we can sing

with the sunset.”

“Why not

love each other

while we can?”

you ask with

sober eyes.

I pause in the

road, as the rain

starts to fall and the

sun starts to set, and think

of this wonderful question.

Why not?

Why not feel

something you long

to feel?

A love so pure,

and yet so real.

One thing stands in

my way.


Fear of something

I’ve never felt

within my young heart.

What if it’s

wrong to love, so


What if it only tears us far


What if it destroys

us, inside and


What if  it brings out the


You look at

me with your

sober eyes,

waiting for a

word or maybe

a sign.

My breathing increases,

and my heart starts

to race.

My head starts to spin as I

look at your

youthful face.

What should I


What should I


Should I just

walk away?

Should I just

say good-bye?

Should I try

to explain?

Oh! how I

wish I knew

the answers

to the questions

that haunt


With one

breath, my


are answered

when you

lean in.

Your lips

caress my

cheek in

the middle

of the street.

Feel the

rain on

my forehead

and the

answer on

my lips.

“Why Not?”

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