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Turtle by the Shore


The beach is where I stay
I hide under the pier
Most of the day.
Cars that no longer steer,
they stay away.

The shore is where I long to go.
Bright light makes it hard to see
what is right in front of me.
The waves so huge
Makes me want it more
Makes me want to go ashore.

Trail of trash leads the way
Bottles of beer,
An old used tray.
On my face a silent tear.

What happened to my lovely shore?
Where did it go?
Why does it exist no more?

I crawl back to the beach, where I stay.
Back to the pier
where I hide most of the day.

I sleep knowing my shore is gone.

The morning light reaches my eyes,
And I look to the skies.
There! My shore is there!
Men dressed up in green
Cleaned up my shore for me.
clean up<a

Now I can return to my shore
once more.

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