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Pierce the Veil

Courtesy to Google Images

Courtesy to Google Images


Pierce the Veil is a post hard-core band, also called Mexi-core by their many fans, from San Diego. This band consists of (from left to right) Mike Fuentes (drums), Jaime Preciado (bass guitar), Tony Perry (lead guitar), and Vic Fuentes (guitar / lead singer).

Vic and Mike Fuentes are brothers that originally played in a band together, called Before Today, during high school. The band eventually gained band members, and eventually lost band members until it was just Vic and Mike again.

They then changed their name to Pierce the Veil, that was a name of a song by Before Today. Then the two brothers recruited Jaime and Tony.

Throughout the years, Pierce the Veil has played for many big name bands, including, Bring Me the Horizon, A Day To Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, and many others.

Their very first album was A Flair for the Dramatic that was released in 2007. Their latest album is Collide With the Sky which was released in 2012.  They now have a documentary called This is a Wasteland.

Here are some of my favorite songs and their videos:

Bulls in the Bronx-

Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides-

The New National Anthem-

The reason I love this band:
I love this band for the high pitched screams Vic Fuentes can pull off, and the great guitar pieces.

I hope you like Mexi-core! Have Fun!


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